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Em 2017, a sede do BICAM mudou de Accra de volta para Nairóbi / Quênia com o Rev. Prof. Albert Ngengi Mundele como Diretor nas instalações de Karen / Nairóbi. Foi-lhe atribuído o dever especial de construir um Centro de Formação e Animação Bíblica. Ele está lutando para obter recursos para cumprir essa tarefa.


A sede do BICAM-CEBAM permaneceu em Acra de 2005 a 2017 sob a direção de pe. Henry Terwase Akaabiam da Diocese de Markudi / Nigéria (2002-2005); Fr. Mose Adeniran Adekambi, da Diocese de Porto-Novo / Benin (2005-2011); Fr. Julien IVAGA NDJANA, da Arquidiocese de Yaoundé / Camarões (2011-2016).


Durante a 13ª Assembleia Plenária do SECAM em Dakar, Senegal, em outubro de 2003, os Bispos do SECAM decidiram transferir a sede do BICAM de Nairóbi para o Secretariado do SECAM, Senchi Street 4, Accra, Gana. A decisão foi implementada em 30 de junho de 2004.


Pope John Paul II, in the Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation Ecclesia in Africa, recognized and confirmed the mission of BICAM. He said: “Also to be encouraged is the scriptural formation of clergy, religious, catechists and the laity in general; careful preparation of celebrations of the Word; promotion of the biblical apostolate with the help of the Biblical Centre for Africa and Madagascar and the encouragement of other similar structures at all levels. In brief, efforts must be made to try to put the Sacred Scriptures into the hands of all the faithful right from their earliest years.” (EIA no. 58)


In 1991 Fr. Laurent NARE (from the Archdiocese of Koupéla/Burkina Faso) took over the direction of BICAM-CEBAM (1991-1997) from Fr. W. Amewowo. Fr. Peter NJOROGE from Eldoret Diocese/Kenya (1997-1998) succeeded to Fr. Laurent NARE ;  Then Fr. Peter LWAMINDA from the Archdiocese of Kasama/Zambia (1998-2002); and Fr. Henry Terwase AKAABIAM from the Markudi Diocese/Nigeria (2002 -2005) with Fr. Moise Adeniran Adekambi from Porto-Novo Diocese/Benin as Deputy Director.


In 1982, the headquarters of BICAM was relocated from Lomé-Togo to Nairobi-Kenya; It was shortly located in AMECEA Headquarters and then later in its own property in Karen/Nairobi under the direction of W. Amewowo (1981-1991).


The 6th Plenary Assembly of SECAM in Yaoundé/Cameroon decided to create BICAM-CEBAM: on 5th July 1981, BICAM was formally established for the promotion, coordination and organization of Biblical Apostolate in Africa and Madagascar; and with this establishment, ipso facto the WCFBA Africa Service ceased to exist.  Therefore, BICAM-CEBAM is the official organ of SECAM/SCEAM for the Biblical Apostolate in Africa and Madagascar (See the SECAM Document on the Establishment of the Catholic Biblical Centre for Africa and Madagascar 2.3. i. and ii.)


The WCFBA Executive Committee took the decision of granting autonomy to regional services in Africa, Latin America and Asia in May 1980 in Mexico City.


The Francophone Section of the Biblical Apostolate began in January 1978 under the direction of Fr. Edward Skeveres, SVD, who was at the same time Archdiocesan Director of the Biblical Centre of Lomé (CEBILO). It ended in December 1979.

 In December 1978, the WCFBA Secretariat transferred Fr. AMEWOWO and the Anglophone Africa service to Lomé so that the Francophone and Anglophone services of the Biblical Apostolate could operate from Lomé/Togo.


In 1975, the Symposium of the Episcopal Conferences of Africa and Madagascar (SECAM) gave a mandate (Ref. No./ WCFBA / 75/86) to the World Catholic Federation for Biblical Apostolate (WCFBA), known today as Catholic Biblical Federation (CBF), to explore the possibility of establishing a permanent centre for promoting the Biblical Apostolate in Africa and the surrounding Islands. The office of WCFBA Africa Service was first established in Lusaka, Zambia before it was moved to Lomé, Togo in 1978. In January 1978, the then General Secretary of WCFBA wrote to Rev. Fr. Wynnand AMEWOWO (from HO Diocese/Ghana) asking him to take over from Fr. Adrian SMITH because “it was the desire of SECAM that this work continues and that, as much as possible, an African priest takes charge” (Ref. N ° 100,000 of January 16, 1978). Fr. Wynnand Amewowo agreed to work in the Biblical Apostolate from October 1978 to October 1981.


The Biblical Apostolate began in English speaking African countries in July 1974 as “laudable but enterprise” by Fr. Adrian SMITH in Lusaka, Zambia under the tutelage of WCFBA (World Catholic Federation of the Biblical Apostolate) in Stuttgart (Germany).


In response to the above document, the World Catholic Federation for the Biblical Apostolate (WCBFA) was founded on 16th April 1969. Since 1990 it is now known as the Catholic Biblical Federation (CBF).


During the second Vatican Council in 1965, the Fathers of the Council resolved that “all preaching of the church, as indeed the entire Christian religion should be nourished and ruled by Sacred Scripture.” The document in which this statement is recorded is known as Dei Verbum in Latin or ‘Divine Revelation’ in English (no. 21).

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