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  1. An Information Centre: BICAM is a resource Centre for information on Biblical Research and Biblical Apostolate in Africa.
  2. An efficient network: As at today, the Center functions as a network. BICAM facilitates network and collaboration among agents of Biblical Apostolate in Africa and the surrounding Islands. Together, respecting the diversity of the members and charisma, these agents work to promote the Word of God in the Life and Mission of the Church in Africa.
  3. Formations in Biblical Translations & Trainings: BICAM is a Catholic Institution that deals with biblical translations in local languages in Africa and Madagascar. BICAM has a biblical training academy that enrolls, educates and trains different interested persons on the biblical values to help in the gospel proclamation in Africa. BICAM organizes Workshops, Seminars and Courses for promoters or coordinators of Biblical Apostolate, in liaison with SECAM regions and countries; Assistance in Biblical Apostolate training of agents of evangelization, at the regional or national level.
  4. Support,  foster and encourage African Exegetes and Experts in Bible:  Through meetings, conferences, workshops, seminars and courses in which they express the results of their research in African perspective, their competence for the people in Africa. BICAM is a forum of exchange of knowledge, methods and approaches in matter that concerns the ministry of the word.
  5. Visits: These are contact and working visits in line with our mission of promoting, coordinating and inspiring Biblical Apostolate activities in Africa and the Islands: The Director of BICAM visits the countries to keep abreast with the reality on the spot. The final goal is to foster collaboration between the higher level and the lower ones, by seeking areas of collaboration. The visitations enrich both BICAM and the countries; the majority of BICAM data collection is done during these visits that inspire also the pastoral projects of BICAM. On the other hand, the enthusiasm created by the visit of the Director of BICAM together with his analysis and recommendations about the Biblical Apostolate in the country helps a lot the National Coordinators and/or the Episcopal Conferences in creating awareness about the necessity of having a proper pastoral of the Bible.
  6. Publications


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